Welcome to the Evolution of Apps & Websites

Is your website Compliant?

Google's Rules of Engagement
GoMobi Requirements

1 sec. Page Load Benchmark
Instant Translation on Any Device
ADA Laws

What Consumers See

The Rules have Changed. It's no longer about just Who, What & Where.

If your online presence doesn't WOW the visitor and if it's not in compliance, you are already loosing ground to our competitors.

You MUST be doing Mobile Marketing and you MUST do it correctly. New Google systems that are open source and FREE not only make this possible, they give you Total Control while making Webmasters Obsolete.

Google has been telling us for years what they need and now they are lowering the Hammer. Poor performing sites are being De-Listed!

You have heard a lot about Apps, but they are NOT the Answer.
Google says Apps are Dying!

A better system was needed WITHOUT requiring Apps and Beacons.
Folks will NOT download and install an app.
Introducing Progressive Web Apps.

Here is the video Google showed at their Launch.

Why are Progressive Web Apps better?

Our Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a Major step forward, but we didn't stop there.

Introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) adding one more layer of Speed.

Our Benchmark Page Load Time is <1.5 seconds!

"You Can Force a Horse to the water but
You Can't Make it Drink.
Your job is to make it Thirsty."
Dr. Rick Mayer

It's the difference between Forcing information on prospects with web crawlers and pop-up ads, something they will Always find a way to block, OR Giving them What they want, When and Where they want, and Pulling them in.

We are talking about Involuntary, Forced Blasting vs.
Voluntary Acceptance and Engagement.

When you force ads out there, they rebel.
But give them something that makes sense and they engage.

It's time for a Change...

If you haven't realized it by now Traditional Advertising is Dead.

Don't believe it?

Traditional Advertising is based upon the theory of blasting out information in hopes some of it will stick. Talk to any agency and when it's not working their answer is always the same, "You need More."

But the mobile device has changed the rules and with customers realizing they can now control not only What they see, but When and Where they see it, if you are stuck in the traditional advertising outlets you are doomed to fail.

So what's a better way?

  • Join the 21st Century
  • Market to customers On Their Terms.
  • When and Where THEY want.
  • Give them the control because if you don't, they will eventually find a way to block you.