If you are looking to Grow your Business or if you want to Save Money, you have come to the right place.

  • appSAVE®, our Flagship Product that is the single Most Effective and Least Expensive form of Customer Acquisition and Retention available.
    In Utah we market under UtahSAVE. There are several other states coming soon.
  • Biz.How, as you see just below, where we help small businesses succeed for Free.
  • ConcreteJacking where you can "Save it, Don't Replace it" when it comes to your concrete.
  • U-Sell a Free, Exclusive tool that will help you sell your property on your own.
This is just a short list, we have more below.
Bottom line, have you been getting advice from a so called expert who is Nickel and Diming you to Death? Are they recommending that same old 100 to 200 year old technology everyone else uses? Newspapers, Radio, TV and especially the Yellow Pages are all on a decline, but you already knew that.

Look around, the World has changed. Everyone has gone Mobile!
Isn't it time you joined the 21st Century and staked your claim on the one device all your Prospects and Customers are already using?

Why continue to get Bad Advice when Sound Advice and Consulting is FREE?

This is not a misprint. We will give you Free Consulting to help grow your business. And I'm not talking about one time, this is Whatever you need, as much as you need, schedule permitting.

We are simply tired of all the Rip-Off artists out there that prey on the Small Business owner. There are so many Free tools out there that these folks don't tell you about, and there's a good chance they use them and then turn around and charge you for what they are getting for free.

Introducing appSAVE®
Our Flagship Product


In Utah we market this way, and this is the consumer side. Your customers and prospects are already looking for someone to Engage. Will that be with You our your Competitor?
Once customers understand what Proximity Marketing can mean to them, they spread the word. 


Look around, what are your prospects doing right now?
Engaging someone in their smart phones, but NOT YOU.
Isn't it time to change that?
If MoreBusinessNow interests you, get the facts.


Combining the Google GoMo Initative, Maps, Locations and our GeoTargeting to take your marketing effort to an entirely new level.
This one exclusive feature will simply Blow You Away.


Trip Hazards? Sunken Concrete?
Curbs and Gutters not matching?
Warehouse having issues?

When you need it done RIGHT, get the experts. We have done More Projects in Utah than ALL our competitors combined! In fact, there is not even a close second.
We've been in business since 2002 and Nobody does a better job.


We are taking this system throughout the country. If you know of a business that should be listed here, let us know about them and why you feel that way.


Are you Marketing Smarter or just More Expensively? There is a Huge Difference. Case in point, have you been suckered by the S.E.O. guys?

Also, are you using Video? Here is Just One of our many tools.



Ever tried Network Marketing?
How did that work out?
Want to know why so many folks fail in the industry?


The Evolution of Apps and Technology that makes Webmasters Obsolete.
You can comply with the Google Rules of Engagement, have a tremendous site, and do it all for FREE.


Is there such a thing as the Magic Bullet? Why is it so hard to succeed in a Home Based Business?
Maybe you just picked the Wrong Deal.



When choosing a Realtor, doesn't it make sense with pick one that not only has extensive experience but the one with the Very Best Online tools for Buyers? 95% of all buyers are on Mobile, isn't that where you need to be? In fact, we supply other Realtors with some of our tools, but not All of them.


Realtors, how about a FREE Tool that will take your Real Estate Business to the Next Level?
This tool gives you an Unfair Advantage over many of the other Realtors in your area. 
You might want to check this out. We are going National with this...


If you want to sell on your own then you simply MUST have the tools to do it right.
This system is totally FREE, no gimmicks attached.
Find out How we can do this.

The Mobile Device has Completely Changed the Game.
Traditional Advertising Methods no longer work.


They are presented in a Linear Format: Intro - Message - End
People don't even Think that way.
And that's just One of the issues...

Video Marketing...

Video is now the #1 Search Activity on the Web and Google gives preference to sites with Video.
The reason is simple, Google owns YouTube.
In fact, Sites that are not mobile friendly and cross device compatible with no video on the landing page are now being Delisted by Google!
You saw the Google The Rules of Engagement above, now see the Importance of Video Marketing.

Do you realize you can do what you are seeing right now, all on your own without a webmaster and for FREE?
It's State of the Art but simple Drag and Drop Technology.

We have several incredible tools, Like This One.

You saw the Avatar when you opened this page,
here is just one more of Many.

Watch Video

We are Expanding appSAVE® throughout North America.
Do you have what it takes?

I have a couple of different programs for your consideration. I need Partners in North America for appSAVE.net.

Small Business Owners are in Trouble.

They know they need to jump on the GeoFencing and Beacon bandwagons but the costs have prevented them.

If you have looked at the GeoTargeting industry you probably already know that it's not only extremely expensive but very hard to sell because of the expense and complication.

Things are changing.
If you have interest, we need to talk.