Forget all you have heard about Proximity Marketing. This 21st Century Technology changes the game.

Have you gone Touchless. If you haven't and your competitor has you are living on borrowed time because your customers are already there.

Do you have a strategy to fight the Amazon's of the world, or are you content to sit back and let them steal your customers?

Video is Critical

Without any doubt, Video is KING when it comes to attracting new customers.
It's time you took a look at how Video Marketing has evolved and how affordable it has become. 


Here is a unique way to use TouchlessConnect™ that WILL grow your business.

Watch the Video.

Virtual Reality is Here

This exciting technology is not only here to stay, it will soon take over other forms of marketing.
We are on the cutting edge, and you can be as well.


What if you could put the process on Auto-Pilot? Would that make a difference in your business when the store is crowded?

The Evolution of Websites

We also have a version of this on the Free section because there is a FREE aspect to this as well, fot websites and apps.

Add Free Sports TV

"There is very little you can do in your business that will have a more positive effect on the bottom line than a well structured Loyalty System!"
Market Watch


Have an event coming up? Want to make it Really Stand Out?
This system will take your event to the next level. You need to check this out.

Finally an Affordable way to keep your folks in the loop no matter where they are in your facility. And the best part, you control it 100% and make changes in Real Time.

Why settle for boring emails that nobody opens.
Video Rules and this system will get your message seen.

You have options onseveral of the tools above.

It's no longer a matter of IF you do Mobile Engagement but How Well you do it because if you aren't doing it well, your business will soon become insignificant.

Folks are becoming used to getting information on What they want, When and Where they want on Their Terms.  

It's Time to ACT.

It's Tough and many businesses are asking, "Will I Survive?"

We can help.
Adapt and Adjust to the New Touchless Norm.
Leverage the Mobile Device like Never Before.
Time to not only Recover but GROW your Business.

Silent Sales

Why is all this important?

Because Things have changed.
The Customer is in control and they control the brand.