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U-Sell On your Own for FREE

You heard right, FREE.
There is No Catch.

Bottom line, we GIVE you a Totally FREE system to help you sell Totally On Your Own.

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First, this is just PART of what you get.

Again, No Catch.

Continue on down to see Why we do this.

Introducing UtahSave

Our System will Take the Mobile Experience to New Levels.
Absolute Latest Technology

We need to introduce our system to Utah Business Owners and what better way than let folks see it and experience it?
Click the headline to see it...
But this is just the First Part of what you get.

FREE Marketing Suite

Imagine marketing your property by having folks just Click a Button and they are IN YOUR PROPERTY, seeing everything they need. Run an ad to your SmarterApp and folks go there and take your tours.
No more need for open houses, just tell them about your SmarterApp.

You Also get THIS

APPtur is the Latest Evolution in Apps.
It literally turns your marketing effort into a Prospect Grabbing System.
See how it all works by clicking the headline above. There is no catch, you get a full system that YOU CONTROL.
No Ads, nothing but your property.

Putting it All Together

Continue on down for a short summary, including a video summary explaining everything you get.

Again, no catch, You will have complete control with your own log-in and edit.
Contact me.

Prospects are Mobile

Are You?

95% of All Real Estate searches originate from a Mobile Device.
When someone finally finds your property and clicks in it, What do they See?
What if when the pulled up in front of your house they clicked a button and went DIRECTLY INTO your Property, seeing everything they needed to call you? 

They Find YOU

You have Competition

Your only expense will be your advertising and we suggest you purchase a sign.
We have several different signs with the Dedicated Link directly to your SmarterApp.
If nobody else has the main one, your sign will say Just That.
The beauty of our system is folks go Directly to YOUR PROPERTY, they don't wade through dosens of other listings.

Video Marketing

We Show you How.

With our system you don't have to spend a dime to get your property looking like you spent a fortune!
We show you how to present it AND how to make your own videos using nothing but your Smart Phone.

You already have all the tools you need, you just need a way to utilize them,
and We have the Answer.

You Control

No Fees, No Catch.

It's a simple download of the program and then you are free to get creative.
We supply a basic template and you expand from there.
Add your own pictures, discriptions, tours, property information, then ONE CLICK and your SmarterApp is Live.

Our contact informaiton is nowhere to be found, only yours.
The only thing we need is a PoweredBy logo at the bottom and that comes with your system.

Quick Summary

Watch this short video of my desktop where I show you a little more about this system.
If you can run a word processor, you can do this.
And why wouldn't you use this to help Sell your Property?
It's FREE.